Problems with Obamacare

November 29, 2013

Dear Editor,
I am writing to express some observations and problems I see with Obamacare. To be certain, Obamacare is a horrible, and unconstitutional, law. The problem is that the extent of how horrible this law is will not be seen until the law progresses and the general failures of government to control markets, socialism, are exposed. To be sure, all socialist programs, passed and controlled by government, are poorly managed and will eventually fail. The failure of the website is only the tip of the iceberg that will sink our healthcare system, and is an indicator of what to expect of the law.

We know that for the law to be successful, the youth must become enrolled in the exchanges. This is because the youth rarely get ill or have need for healthcare services. So, they need to be enrolled in order to pay premiums into the collective insurance funds for those funds to provide for the many dictated benefits provided through health insurance (i.e., preexisting conditions). It is this youth aspect that will create many failures.

First, it is likely that many young people will not enroll in the exchanges (rightfully so) because of the high cost of premiums, high deductibles, lower cost of alternative of paying the penalty, and simply because they don’t want or need it.

They may also simply find that it is much cheaper to pay for health care costs as incurred and is more cost effective to do so rather than pay premiums subject to high deductibles they will likely not reach on an annual basis.

Second, “children” can be kept on their parents’ insurance plan until the age of 26. This alone takes many youths out of the exchanges, thus is prohibitive measure of the law to the key foundation this law needs to make it work. I cannot understand why there would exist conflicting measures other than it is a product of poor legislative processes that ignored reading the law and simply passed it to “see what is in it.”

A third problem relating to the youth lies in the subsidies offered from government. Many young people are going to be early in their working careers, and in today’s economy will likely be working part time jobs, if at all. It is very likely that many youths will qualify and pay for insurance, if they enroll, utilizing subsidies. This means that they will pay little to nothing for their insurance. This then means they will not be the ones contributing to the system, it will be taxpayers who are providing the means for these subsidies (or the subsidies will be provided for by debt), and many of these taxpayers will be older Americans.

The final issue that I see is that many low income people signing up in the exchanges, should they be so lucky to do so, are being automatically placed in Medicaid if they qualify. With Medicaid expansion in many states, this will include a large number of people, including many youth. If a youth is not placed on their parents’ insurance, and with the youth unemployment rate very high, there are likely many youths that will be thrown into the Medicaid system, fully funded by tax dollars.

This is essentially the same as having subsidies that fully pay their premiums for them, and again shifts greater burden to the taxpayer to provide the insurance.

This law is going to fail miserably, and the impact is going to be an increased burden on the taxpayer. It is another failed socialist program created and run by an inept, tyrannical government. Like the other social programs that are expending more than they take in for revenue and are consuming a larger portion of the budget, this will only add to the costs of social programs and increase the burden on taxpayers’. I will not enroll in this debacle, nor will I pay the penalty, or tax.

Capitalism built this country and made it great, Socialism is destroying it.

Brian Johnson

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