Progressive Democrats to meet at Clare Airport Tuesday

March 16, 2017

To the Editor-
I’m pleased to announce there will be a meeting of the Progressive Democrats of Clare Co at the Clare Municipal Airport on March 21st at 7pm. We are a group of individuals that like to get together and discuss the current political situation and how we can work to restore hope and progress for the People of Michigan. All opinions are welcome, we are an inclusive, rather than exclusive group. We have no officers, no dues, just good discussion. We are progressive democrats. We are fiscally responsible, want no more government in our lives than is needed, but we haven’t lost our humanity and concern for the well being of our neighbors. We want strong public schools. We want teachers to have the supplies they need to teach. We want affordable healthcare, and we want the widow down the street to be able to afford to eat. We are the people that stop to help you change a tire.

I’d also like to comment on the recent letters to the editor. Personally I am very pleased to see that a number of people have expressed political opinions that support families and American Values rather than hate, xenophobia and ‘spreadsheet sociology’ where people are reduced to numbers and we care nothing about our neighbors. We are seeing a lot of that in Washington right now. The tone is one of exclusion and punishment with walls and punishing parents by taking their children away from them for ‘daring’ to illegally enter the country to do the work we will not do ourselves. We are reacting to things we don’t like rather than working to find long term solutions.

An example is the debate on the ACA (Obamacare), which seems focused on excluding the sick and defunding those in need so folks can have their 4 wheelers and continue to vote Republican. The politicians fail to realize that health insurance, like public schools, is something we all need to support. We gladly pay school taxes because others paid their taxes when we were in school. Now we support their grandchildren in return. Yes, we the healthy pay to to make health insurance affordable for the sick, just as the young and healthy will pay OUR expenses when we are old and sick.
There are always problems, but we should work those problems to resolution rather than scrap a working program that brought insurance to millions for yet another ‘personal responsibility’ political experiment (brought to you courtesy of politicians that have taxpayer supported health insurance).

Dr. Robert Townsend

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