Promises were made – but they’re not being kept

May 16, 2014

Dear Editor:

It’s an “integrity” kinda Friday…this really pisses me off!!…promises were made and are not being kept!!…we tell our young (and not so young) men and women that if they will grab a rifle, leave their families behind and put themselves in harm’s way we will take care of any medical needs they have because of their service…pretty simple deal; not too difficult for even the dimmest amongst us to grasp…the trouble is, they did their part –they kept up their end of the deal – but OUR bureaucrats are inept or unwilling to make good on the promise…maybe you’ve seen in the news that the VA Medical system is under investigation…in this instance people may have died just because they can’t get an appointment…

I will grant that it is not all VA Centers, it is not all VA employees, it is not all VA cases…but it is enough to qualify as a national disgrace…last fall we hosted a golf outing to raise funds for (among other Vet needs) the Michigan Patriot Guard…the few thousand we raised wasn’t enough to solve a problem but it helped…you know what the Michigan Patriot Guard does with those funds?…they buy prostheses for Vets that have lost limbs; they bridge the gap in a life that has been torn apart by war until the government decides to get its ass in gear and live up to its promise….

At the time of last year’s golf outing the average wait time to get a replacement limb was 22 months!!…how would you like to sit around on a stump for 2 years while some over paid bureaucrat mulled over your need?…and “We the People” tolerate this BS!!…this is Obama’s problem! This is Bush’s problem!!…this has been going on for well over a decade; all of us in groups like the American Legion have been aware for years…that’s why we have golf outings, benefits, bike runs and whatever else we can think to raise a buck to help…we shouldn’t’ have to do any of that!!…

We are proud to do it but it should be unnecessary…we pay our taxes and so do you!!  we do so in good faith expecting our representatives to “keep the faith” with those in need …in this area I give both Presidents Bush & Obama an “F”…if you read this as political then you miss the point and are tainted beyond hope…this isn’t a political rant, it is an embarrassed apology to our troops for the shabby way we treat them after they have had our backs around the world…”a promise made is a debt unpaid”…maybe that should be on our currency instead of “e pluribus Unum” – a statement suggesting that we are all in this together…

I bet it doesn’t feel that way to someone who sacrificed so much (and risked it all) and is now treated like another of our “throwaway” citizens…I love my country!!…I just want us all to keep our promises made to those who stood on the wall so we could walk the streets in peace and safety…we can ignore this breech or we can fix it – in the meantime many of us will do what we can to fill in the gap…the ducks on pond make no creed that they can’t live up to…and Mother Parker sheds a tear in her brew when she sees those that need so much and are getting so little!!

PS –if you want to help, we still have openings in our 70th D-Day Anniversary Golf Outing on June 06; or sponsor a hole at the outing for only $20…I PROMISE that every dollar raised is spent on Vet programs  & needs!!

The Kelster

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