Questions Phelps decision to close sr. site

February 9, 2018

Dear Editor,

Having been to the Lake D.A.V. facility on School St. numerous times, it’s hard to fathom Clare County Senior Services Director, Lori Phelps, allegations and statements “it was in the best interest of the program and was, in her professional opinion, time to close the Lake meal site.” Why did she not follow up with D.A.V. Adjutant Commander,Joe Stragea, as planned, to discuss issues she was having regarding renewal of their contract?

In actuality, the amount of money they spent only paid the gas & light bills. Phelps had the audacity to shut the phone off 5 days prior to requesting the Board of Commissioner’s approval to close the Senior Congregate Dining & Activity Center. Even though calls were directed to the Clare Senior Dining Center, she blamed the D.A.V. for leaving the site without the ability to handle cancelations, home deliveries, and so forth. “So, we had to close the Lake site again today”. The meals got delivered to Marion. She stated “we serve more people in Marion than we do in Lake”.

Had the Senior Services not removed the large sign that advertised the program at the Lake location and replaced it with a puny sign, perhaps more people would be aware of it’s existence. They never promoted it. Phelps mentioned her mission … “We’re feeding seniors.” I say she’s crunching numbers.

I stand opposed that you “simply had to”, based on facts, not on your unconfirmed, degrading excuses. Exactly when was that sewer backup? Your cesspool of lies hurt not only the vulnerable seniors but the Disabled American Veterans and low income residents of Garfield Township.

To support their capability to keep hosting the senior congregate dining program, the D.A.V. opened a re-sale shop. The proceeds not only help with the facilities expenses, but those in need, and the affluent who want to repurpose their possessions. More than once the entire contents of homes were donated. The veterans give back in return often with a “free day” and surplus gets donated to a church. On occasion if there is something someone needs but can’t afford it, a veteran pays for it out of his own pocket. I can attest to a shower chair being delivered to the front door of a homebound senior as well as items that were picked up. It’s people helping people.

If the D.A.V. can survive without the C.C.S.S. revenue, will the slander and defamatory remarks from the Director, Lori Phelps, do them in? I will miss walking into the entrance of the building and seeing the painting on the wall reminding us Let us not forget. God Bless our soldiers. God Bless America.

Mr. Dennis Light

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