Re: “Eye witness view from Occupy Wall Street” by Richard Los

November 7, 2011

Dear Editor:

‘5 things you can do-to help now’. YOU MUST BE KIDDING.

I have NO NEED to join ‘people’ who poop on police cars and neighbors lawns, fornicate in public and think the F-bomb is a form of communication. Seems like ‘pigs living in pig sty. These people are nothing more than 1960’s hippies, communists, fascists, anarchists and Marxists.

I do not support: Free Education

Cancellation of all debts Free Health Care

. Etc

Who do these people think will pay for this largess?

Why would I or anyone donate money to a mob of thieves, Marxists, etc? You do not have to worry that I will follow your ‘occupation’.

These people represent strictly a re-hash of 1960’s hippie demonstrators against the Vietnam War. I did not have any use for them then. I have NO USE for them now. Their goals and aspirations oppose everything which has characterized America.

A pox on the demonstrators and their supporters.

Stan Hampton

Probably NOT an Occupy Wallstreet fan.

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