Reader questions Sheriff’s integrity

To the Editor:

I am wondering when enough is enough? I have lived in this county for nearly 17 years. Our Sheriff’s Department claims it’s values to be the following…

“I will never act on personal feelings, prejudices, animosities, or friendships to influence my decisions. Whatever I see or hear of a confidential nature, or is confided to me in my official capacity, shall be kept secret unless necessary to reveal in the performance of duty. I will remain honest, and hold myself to a high degree of integrity in both my personal and official life.”

Our Sheriff, John Wilson continues to express his views on integrity, honesty, and ethics from a leadership standpoint in every single public address, newsletter, media interview, and mission statement. What I find completely confusing is the irony surrounding the aforesaid. Where is the “integrity” in hiring and promoting a Sergeant within the Sheriff’s Department that has been named in 3 major lawsuits, 2 of which made national headlines for violation of Constitutional Rights that awarded victims over $500,000.00 in taxpayer revenue. The same Deputy involved in these lawsuits was caught having extra marital affairs with not one, but two different co-workers within the Sheriff’s Department. All of which were evident and investigated without any repercussions or disciplinary actions by John Wilson. He was instead promoted to Sergeant.

One Deputy was engaged in a late night game of “quick draw” using his service weapon with a fellow Deputy when a round was discharged self-inflicting a wound resulting in the amputation of his leg. This Deputy was promoted to Detective and given a meritorious award. The same Detective also has two convictions for Domestic Violence and DUI. This must be what Wilson continues to define as “higher standards”.

Have any of you typed “Clare County Sheriff’s Department” into the Review’s search bar? Looked at all of the lawsuits, scandals, and investigations conducted into the operations of the Sheriff’s Department? How can the Sheriff’s Department investigate itself?

I believe we need true integrity in our county, and until we, “The Citizens of Clare County” take a stand, integrity will continue to demise in our community.

Abraham Dournet
Harrison, Michigan

5 Responses to Reader questions Sheriff’s integrity

  1. newt3342 Reply

    August 9, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    First of all, many of the so called facts you state in your letter are not true. Secondly, how can you blame someone for something that happened “many years” (two Sheriff’s ago) prior to him taking office???

  2. bigd Reply

    August 10, 2013 at 10:48 am

    Mr. Dournet,
    It appears you are one of few that know SOME of the conduct. The prosecutors office is included. Your right, its not good, however, remember the election. Remember the scazzari case, there are ways to bambozzel the public and there good at it. I suppose in todays world it’s called politics. Your correct about the detective that lost the lower part of his leg, the tax payer cost ?? About a year ago the news made it sound like it was in the line of duty. Mercy, how people forget or choose to ignore. Voter participation is poor, that’s some of it. Higher standards, not there! First you need some class..

  3. bigd Reply

    August 12, 2013 at 11:43 pm

    Always someone comes to defend the guilty! Explain the not true part newt3342? Clare co. sheriff’s dept. BLAAAA!NOT TRUE, HORSE CRAP! Explain yourself. You people come to the defense of that no-count political office are a bunch of yes people looking to defend for some reason that is absolutely blank.. Mr. Dournet is very much correct.. Tell me the lies/ convince me 3342.. COME ON CLEAR THE CORRUPT! YEARS AGO! HA, there still there.. WOW! REVIEW, PLEASE START THE PRINTERS>>>>> .

  4. bigd Reply

    August 13, 2013 at 12:07 am

    Oh YA, remember the Jeremy young case? Probably gaged..Remember The young man from Farwell wrongfully accused for home invasion.. The K_9 was smarter than the so-called cops. AND NOT EVEN AN “hey I’m sorry” WE were bumbling idiots/ sorry you lost a job and spent 3mo. in jail for our CLare co. blunder and something the finger pointing blurry eyed coward did! He said it was you after we coached him.. { speculation} THE HALL BROTHERS, WOW.. Some of the same people.. OH HOW I ENJOY THIS NEWSPaper..

  5. johns3pm Reply

    August 28, 2013 at 12:59 am

    dont forget the child ring among the sheriffs department and DHS. taking kids from poor families and adopting them out. I lost my mother for 22 years because of the lies and games of this county. we lived down state and had a summer cottage in harrison. the sheriff department came barging in putting a gun to my head at the age of 14 telling me not to move they were looking for a relative that wasnt even there. to justify their wrong they took me because my father wasnt home. my father went nuts trying to defend his family and ended up in prison for it. my mother was never contracted and when she found out they lied and informed her I refused to go with her. At the same time I was screaming for her and they were telling me the same thing she doesn’t want me. she paid 350 dollars a week in child support to clare county foc. I was granted emancipation at 17, 9 months before I graduated and come to find out this year after I met back with my mother she was forced to continue to pay support to clare county till I graduated. I came back to this county as an adult 20 years later and placed my children in a school that had a female deputy bullying students and scaring parents to the point if they breathed wrong they would be put in jail. she has even lied to students and staff members just to protect her butt. let promote her to detective. still the same county that destroyed my childhood. went from private schools-public school. went from a loving family – to a abusive foster home. THANK YOU CLARETUCKY. Its only country and laws.

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