Remember the Poor…………..

October 14, 2019

Jesus said, don’t forget those in need, but do for them as you are able.

The poor of this state have been asking for lower car insurance premiums for years. Now that we’ve got them, some one is saying they are unconstitutional.

Not too long ago 4 out of 10 drivers in Michigan drove without car insurance. I assume this was because they needed to support their families, and couldn’t afford the rates.

An example of where all this money goes was heard on the radio. A family was told they could only care for severely car accident injured family member 56 hours a week, they were forced by law to have a health care provider come into the home the other 112 hours.

Whether this court case is promoted by greedy insurance and health care providers getting more money is really not the point.

When almost half the population feels lead to break the law to support their families, etc., is the primary issue.

By reducing premiums, most people can afford to pay, and share in the expense, of serious injuries, without breaking the law.

Only a bunch of idiots would try to change something that will work better for everyone, and be fairer to all.

If the people trying to over throw the new insurance rates. I wouldn’t be opposed to having the whole state refuse to pay their insurance premiums until they are reduced.

The people went through the legal process of having their rates reduced, to be comparable to other states and they are entitled to this.

Dan Aungst

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