Response to anonymous letter – Volunteers are doing their best to feed hungry

December 6, 2013

Dear Editor:

An anonymous letter to the editor appeared a recent issue of the Review taking sponsors of a local food distribution project to task for holding the event outdoors, forcing recipients to stand in the cold and rain for hours.

Would that letter had been written if that individual knew the Community Nutrition Network (CNN) that sponsors the food distribution project is run strictly by volunteers doing their best? Probably not.

Or knew that the CNN has been looking diligently and fruitlessly for a building they can use on a monthly basis and that is big enough to hold 300 people and a semi truckload of food? Probably

Or knew that the people who stand outside braving the elements to unload and distribute the
food are all volunteers who freely give up their Saturdays to help? Probably not.

Or knew that the truckload of food (that costs about $2,000) is there because of the generous contributions of individuals, families and organizations who care? Probably not.

Hunger is a real problem in Clare County and the fact that more than 300 families wait in line each month for food is testament to that need. The fact that those needs are somewhat being met–even if imperfectly–is a testament to the volunteers and donors, all who are doing their best.

CNN hopes a building will become available for their use and soon. However, will CNN volunteers continue to work through the cold and snow to help the hungry in Clare County ? Not just probably, but most assuredly.

Marty Johnson
Harrison, MI

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