Response to Eaton and Johnson letters

Dear Editor,

This is the response to Vince Eaton and Marty Johnson. The original letter was named “Poor and waiting in the cold for a little help.”

My first response is to Mr. Eaton, who does not live in this county or state. I am a very productive part of society. I work about sixty hours a week between the two jobs I currently have. I also go to school full-time and have four children that I raise alone. My family volunteers within the community and we still cannot make ends meet.
To Mr. Marty Johnson, I know that this is done by volunteers and they give up their time. I did know this and I still wrote the letter. We do appreciate the help that we all receive from the distribution and other resources that are given. My point with the letter was to show the people of this town that we might be poor, but that is no reason to treat us like we are less than human.

The church that was used that day was heated for the volunteers to go in and out. The volunteers were allowed in and out when they needed to get warm. The people that stood in line for food were not allowed in unless the restroom was needed.
My point was that the elderly have weaker immunes than most. There is no reason that the elderly and/or disabled needed to stand outside for that many hours and get so cold, when the church was heated already. I know that there were several elderly women that were in the hospital after receiving the food that day because of illness due to getting too cold.
As far as the buildings go that are in Harrison, how many buildings are heated for the winter so the water lines don’t freeze? Why can we not use them? We are not asking for it to be heated to 80 degrees, just asking for us to be out of the elements of our mother nature in the winter. We just need a place that is warmer than it is outside and there is no wind, rain or snow falling on us.

We may be poor, but that is no reason to treat your neighbor like they are less than you. So here is what I propose:

Come out to the distribution site in January. (Provided that it is not an inside site, or they have not found a building yet) Stand with us, not running in and out of the heat, only to use the restroom. (Hopefully it will be the near same conditions that it was in November.) You get no special treatment and you have to go through the lines and do all the things that the poor does, including standing in the line to get the food, not just the sign up part. You have to stay from start to finish. No coffee, no hot chocolate, just you and the elements of the winter. We will then see if you think that it is right to get that cold, and have the treatment that we get, to get the outdated and old food that we receive.

Concerned Citizen
of Harrison

One Response to Response to Eaton and Johnson letters

  1. vinner38 Reply

    December 20, 2013 at 6:19 pm

    My Response to Concerned Citizen

    I grew up there, and I consider myself still part of the community.
    Also just so you know that facts here, being cold doesn’t give you a cold.
    Oh Gosh you truly feel entitled.
    If you are working and still can not make it, You truly must be trying to live way over your means. People like you should absolutely learn to live with in your means, Maybe cut back on the cable TV, or the cell phone bill.
    People who aren’t responsible with their lives, certainly do not need special treatment. By assisting you we are just encouraging more bad behavior.
    Now I am certain you will try some radical leftist tactic to bash me, for my comment. However I truly do not care what you do.
    I haven’t any problem assisting those who possibly require a little help, However I absolutely do have a problem with people who try to take advantage of others.
    There simply isn’t any need to make yourself a victim.

    Vince Eaton

    Formerly of Clare County.

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