Response to Maurer article

November 14, 2011

Dear Editor:

After reading Pat Maurer’s article regarding our cemetery, I must admit to be a bit confused.  Obviously there must be another Lincoln Twp. Cemetery somewhere that I am not aware of because the one that I’ve seen is certainly not a “disaster”.  The word disaster is normally reserved for reference to house fires or hurricanes and not a a reference to leaves.  I’ve lived in Michigan for most of my life and have noticed that every year about this time the leaves fall from the trees.  They get raked up and everything is fine.  They normally don’t cause disasters to my knowledge.

Lincoln Township contracts with Elm Creek to mow the cemetery and take care of the leaves in the fall.  It makes sense to wait until most of the leaves are down to have the lawn service come out and remove them because if they are done too soon they would need to be done again.  This would be an added cost to the township.

I would also like to point out (as Mike Tobin reminded us) that the Lincoln Township Cemetery is not a perpetual care cemetery.  That means the township is not responsible for a lot of the maintenance that the township currently does or contracts for.

Finally, I would like to suggest to Ms. McKenzie that if she is concerned about the conditions at the cemetery, she do what many other township residence have done and  volunteer to help in maintaining and beautifying our cemetery.  It will certainly be a welcome response to our “disaster”.

Thank you,

Rolf Hudson

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