Response to Mike Wilcox article

November 7, 2011

Dear Editor;

I thought I’d drop a note on you and let you know what I perceive is really going on in Genesee County. Heroin is coming up I-75(via a group of several individuals) from Detroit several times a week.

This of course has resulting in a lot of deaths. Usually 17 to 26 year old white kids from the surrounding middle class communities/counties of Lapeer and Livingston counties.

My own son, Joshua Wood, died on Valentines Day this year from Black Tar Heroin, he went from prescription drug use/abuse to death by heroin in 9 short months. I didn’t have a clue about the heroin use. He was 19 years old.

On the same morning in Fenton, Brianna Jawheri died, 2 days later her best friend died of the drug. They were 17. These kids were all tied to the same drug dealer via cell phone records, he was using a generic street name and if caught won’t be charged with drug sales involving a death because the transactions took place in Genesee County!

There are a lot of other deaths this year, Grand Blanc, and others: 2 dealers beating a user to death.

Most recently a police chase involving a dealer (who had been busted with 4 oz of heroin in May) ended when, as a last act of hatred, he crossed to the south bound lane where he struck and killed a 13 year old girl named Misty Dawn, who was on her way to church. It was a Wednesday night in late September. She was thrown over 100 feet. He earned another pair of pink shoelaces. His name was Mark Blount.

I’ve heard, as a point of fact, that Genesee has discontinued the checkpoints… And yeah we’re in America.

But With their courts and jails over crowded, under financed, I don’t think it’s about a little bag of weed (and by now doesn’t everyone who burns have their medical marijuana card?)

So I pray that the lawmen of F.A.N.G. (Flint Area Narcotics Group) aren’t “sued for millions” or tossed out of office. They are fighting our own thankless way in the streets.

All across America.

I was naïve, can’t happen to me, it’s an inner city problem kind of guy, until my whole world was taken from me when my not so street wise son died because someone wanted to sell him $10 worth of dope.


Bob Wood

Harrison, MI

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