Response to ‘Poor and waiting’

December 13, 2013

Dear Editor,

I read Poor and “Waiting in the Cold for a little help” from a Concerned Citizen. I am a low income senior citizen and live in Clare County. However, I do not go to the food truck delivery site. I drive to Mt. Pleasant if I need food because it is entirely different from the monthly one in Harrison. The truck comes to Mt. Pleasant twice a month. The Distribution site is sponsored by various churches and even Finch Field House on campus. ALL the places it comes to open their doors for sign-up at 8AM, and everyone is then allowed inside a warm building to wait. While waiting, there are activities like bingo, and usually hot beverages and snacks available. By about 10AM the trucks are unloaded and the food distribution is done inside. Boxes are provided.

A Country, State, or County can be evaluated as to level of caring by how it treats it’s poor, disabled and elderly. Clare County can certainly do better! CMU students help with set-up and distribution and I believe, receive some credit for helping. Has MMCC ever been approached to do likewise? Why aren’t the churches stepping up to offer their church as a location for the distribution? If any person is a senior and low income, they can receive food monthly from Mid-Michigan Action Area site (The Moose Lodge on M-10). It would seem as if whoever is in charge of Clare County’s food truck program puts little effort into a program that should help while preserving the welfare and dignity of the people it serves.

A local Senior Citizen

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