Restore pride in Brookwood

March 1, 2013

Dear Citizens:

A tremendous effort is underway to makeover an “old friend” who has been a father, mother, and confidant to so many of us.  That friend’s name is Brookwood.

Three decades ago, a dream became reality—trees were felled, topsoil was leveled, and a collective blue-collar effort created the impossible:  a sports complex that would go on to facilitate multiple programs whose teams generated countless championships and unparalleled memories.  Football, track, baseball, softball, and soccer have all benefited from a vision laid out by people who wanted to showcase what has always mattered to this community:  tradition.

Tradition, as we all know, is not given—it is earned.  Places like Brookwood help us to remember that.  One’s blood in this town quickly turns green and white when you surround yourself with people who want to win, and this desire spreads through the generations who remember Brookwood, in its day, as being one of the best complexes in the state of Michigan.  Yet with great success comes great wear and tear.  No greater evidence can be seen than from my unique perspective as football announcer and head track coach.  The degradation I’ve witnessed over the years is unsettling in the very heart of this complex.  Gone should be the days of quick fixes.  A long-lasting solution for multiple playing/structural needs is now in order.

Current coaches and many of the original builders of the complex have been watching with a distant respect and mild frustration—what can we do to help an old friend who has sacrificed so much for so long?  The collective vision is as fierce today as it was 30 years ago. This vision is of an upgrade in turf, track, and bleachers.  Quite simply, a makeover like no other.

Some say with obvious negativity that history is destined to repeat itself.  I say with obvious positivity—with the greatness you remember and the hope of that greatness to continue—history repeats itself here.  Please join us once again in a push to restore a sense of pride we all feel, but would also rather see and experience for years to come.

Thank you for your time and effort in making Clare a great place to teach, coach, and live.

Adam Burhans

Teacher/Clare Track/

XC Coach

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