Ridiculous to reinstate Chinese program

June 26, 2014

Dear Editor,

It has been brought to my attention that the Farwell Area Schools has to cut $600,000 from their budget. Although this is not surprising, it is shocking to me how some are considering to make those cuts. With grandchildren in the school district, I feel once again that I need to speak up. That some of the board members and parents are even considering that the district can afford the elementary Chinese Program ($114,000) is ridiculous. I can understand parents whose children are in the program who believe the hype about the program want it for their children (150 students out of 500 students).

What is the cost to the other 350 students not in the program? What services are they going without? How does Farwell student/teacher ratio compare to the state average. Are the 350 students not in the Chinese program being short changed in all areas from counselors to custodians? School Board members are you talking to our teachers, playground supervisors, and custodial, counseling, nursing, cafeteria staff? Superintendent Seiter what is the norm for other schools in Michigan of student ratio to the above services?

It is up to the board and superintendent to make sure that the influential do not hurt the 350 students so the 150 can participate in an entertaining program. I can find no study that the benefits of the program live up to the hype. There are no studies that prove these students do better in math.

Keep your program if you aren’t hurting the 350 and drop the program if you are hurting the 350 students.

Concerned Grandparent,
Jason Synder

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