Road weight fines should go for road repair

April 25, 2014

Dear Editor,
Hamilton township residents are not currently receiving trash pick-up service. The problem seems to stem from “Republics” disregarding the spring weight limit laws, and thus the trash pick-up company was fined. Trucks exceeding the weight limit while frost is still on the ground, causes damage to the roads. It is my understanding that the money collected from these fines (which are quite hefty) is not going to the road commission. Instead, this money is allocated to the library. Why? Does it not make sense for this money to be given to the road commission for use on road repairs?

May 6th, Hamilton township residents must go to the polls “again”. “Again” we are asked to vote for a 2 mil increase in property taxes for road maintenance. The roads are much in need of maintenance. However, let’s be fair. Everyone who drives a vehicle or uses the roads, should share the responsibility in the cost of road maintenance – not just property owners. And fines levied for misuse by trucks should be allocated for road maintenance – not given to libraries or any other programs.

Before we are asked to give up more hard earned money to pay higher taxes, our township needs to apply for special grants, which I understand are available.

Also, if DCP Midstream gas company installs and operates a new, huge natural gas processing facility in Hamilton township, perhaps we should not do anything to our roads now, as their trucks will cause “increased stress” on our “already stressed” roads. Let’s wait and see what our government can do and what happens with this gas processing facility.

Sue Addison

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