Rowley ends his “run” for governor

December 21, 2018

Dear Editor,

Okay – it is time to close out my run for Governor.

First, thanks to each of you who supported me. Your help and comments made me smile. For the record, the Board of Canvassers officially credited me with 11 votes. That was the highest number of write-in votes for the office. I know now that it was some of my “goofs” that caused the number to be so low. I have heard from a large number of you who wrote in “Oldugly” or “Frank Rowley”; when I had not made it clear that only those written as my full name would be counted.
Probably one of the best stories I heard was from a guy in a neighboring county. He said he took in a piece of paper with my full name written on it and used it as a guide to make sure he wrote it all in correctly. It was only as the machine was pulling the ballot from the privacy sleeve that he remembered he had not filled in “the bubble”.

A major goof was not getting the information out to the media early enough. Other than the Clare County Review, a wee bit of Facebook, and a welcome endorsement by “The Lard Party”, there was no press or media coverage. (Thank you Review.) I would like to make note of “The Daily Mining Gazette” of Houghton. While they did not publish anything, they took the time to email me and let me know I had waited too long, and my announcement was over their word limit. No other media made that kind of effort.

Oh yeah, 11 votes for a campaign cost of $13.92. I’ll be “GW” and “BS” wish they could have gotten away that cheaply.

I also need to thank the folks at the Secretary of State’s Office, Elections Bureau. While I suspect (know) that they knew I was a useless mission, in every contact they were friendly, helpful and very professional. (They even laughed at my dumb jokes.) My contacts with them confirmed my overall confidence in the system.
I always knew – as did all of you – that my chances of winning were between slim and none. I am still glad that I had this learning experience. Do I wish I had started earlier and done a better job of getting the word out? Of course.

But, now I can honestly enter in my journal that in the November 6, 2018 Michigan Election, I received the most write in votes for Governor. It may embarrass my grandchildren, but it is provably a fact.

Thanks again
to all of you,
Frank Rowley

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