School immunization issue…part one

September 28, 2017

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Dear Editor,

On or around 11-7-16 my child was suspended from a school bus for not having an immunization targeting children of 11 years of age and older for a sexual transmitted disease (S.T.D.). I, her dad, denied this vaccine as invasive as well as misguiding them [that[ they can be promiscuous safely.

It was my belief as a Native American and a Christian that we had the right to not let this happen and went to the school to sign a waiver.

After I contacted the superintendent of this school I was told to contact the Health Department due to my indecency and lack of transportation! This could only be accomplished after my disability check would be received on the 3rd day of the month of (November) then the weekend and an appointment now I am at the Health Department where I had to sign this waiver.

In it said by signing this, if she gets this disease I could be held responsible but also that by signing this to be immunization. I take responsibility if she gets sick or dies from this they cannot be held responsible, Damned if I do, damned if I don’t (C22).

So I signed this waiver against my will, rushed from Harrison to Farwell to get this to the school before they closed and did make it on time! Gave it to the school and got copies.

Now the next morning she was denied the bus as they were never notified, driver gave me the phone number to the bus garage as I called (Deb) let her know I had the waiver in hand and at the school, still denied the bus!

So I drove her to school (on empty gas), when I arrived the superintendent told her to “go to class” then asked to come in his office.

He asked “Why did you get on the bus, screaming and cussing in front of a bunch of kids?” He received a complaint from the bus garage and was wanting to press charges after he and I both assured this was the first bus stop and there were no children on this bus so he was lied to and for that he refused to press charges.

Now, on September 14, 2017, the same thing happened, same bus driver, same garage super, superintendent, this time charges were pressed (disorderly person obscenity) this didn’t happen of course we will have the bus tape in court for evidence!

On March 13, 2017 my daughter was in a school bus wreck where she was traumatized! The bus driver should have been charged with failure to yield that caused a wreck with injury (law) also reckless endangerment placing 16 children in danger of death!

This is called looking the other way now my child fears to ride the bus as this bus driver from above warned by my daughter to keep his eyes on the road not be distracted by a mirror as a distraction. (He has ran off the road many times). The bus driver did not like this!

My hands are now cramping for I have crippling arthritis and my blood pressure has become elevated, I have no medication.

Minister & Chief R.E.D.
Ninety-Nine Nation

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