Senate Bill would cut oil and gas company taxes

November 29, 2013

Dear Editor:
There’s a bill before the State Senate (SB-552) to decrease taxes paid to counties by the oil and gas industry–and even make that cut retroactive to 2012.  Since Clare County has a number of energy producing wells in this county, one can expect that the move will mean fewer dollars in our county coffers.  That could mean even more cuts to our services, a need to raise our taxes or both.  In any event, citizens will bare the brunt of these cuts while oil and gas companies will make more money.

While lower taxes for businesses can sometimes mean additional jobs, there are cases where the suffering inflicted far outweighs the benefits gained.  While I just became aware of this bill and know only what I read in the paper, I urge our legislators (Senator Booher shows as a cosponsor of this bill) to think long and hard about the impact of this legislation on our county and our citizens before casting a vote in favor of it.  If anything, let’s wait for a report from the Senate Fiscal Agency to see whether this cut will benefit our county and its people in the short- and the long-term.


Marty Johnson
Harrison , MI

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