Separation of Church and State not the intent of our founding fathers

October 4, 2018

Dear Editor,

The Christian faith has been the national religion of the U.S. since it’s conception. While some people believe that there should be a separation of the practice of Christianity in our schools and government, this was certainly not the intent of the founding fathers  and the writers of the Constitution, who were mainly Christian and promoted Christianity.
The main reason for a separation of church and state was to ensure that no sect of the Christian faith would  mistreat others that practiced their faith differently, as happened in England.

Article I. Congress shall make no law respecting (any group of religious believers) on establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. It would appear the last part of this clause, has been violated by taking prayer out of public schools, taking the commandments off government buildings, etc.

Our constitution, our freedoms, have been established on the Christian faith. Is giving everyone all the drugs they want going to make things better? No! Is giving the wrong rights people everything they want going to make things better? No! Is giving the rich all the money they want going to make things better? No! Is promoting Christianity going to make things better? It always has!

Dan Aungst

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