Sequester, and politics

March 15, 2013

Dear Editor:

Who else is sick of the word Sequester, and soon to be fiscal cliff here again very shortly. The Sequester, penned by President Obama was an across the board cut that was to loom over the heads of Congress to push them into working together to solve this budget issue.

My humble opinion, after being involved with politics on the research side for many years now, is that this sequester was always meant to take effect. Why you ask would that be the case? Well, when you follow what actually goes on over there in the stinkhole we call D.C., you know all the games they play. This is no different than many that have been played, and I won’t bore you with all of them.

This sequester was made to be the falling sky for all of us so said Obama. I think you have by now heard all the revelations trumpeted over and over again on the news. The House of Representatives, your direct representatives in Congress passed a few budget bills already that included bipartisan support. Now when you look at the Senate, they have not passed a budget since Obama has been President. This in its self is history. Democrats had full control of congress, meaning both houses, and the executive branch from 2008 to 2010 and never passed a budget.

They did however pass that 2,000 page bill without reading it that so many people are getting rather upset about now the details are known. But, this is because they did not want to pass a budget due to the hard choices that had to be made. This choice was pushed ahead, or the term kick the can down the road comes to mind.

When Republicans took control of the House, they were forced to deal with this budget issue, and went to work right away on bills. It did take some time for the democrats in the House to break rank with other party members and work with Republicans on a bipartisan bill to send up to the Senate. That bill they sent however, was tabled.

Obama was not willing to budge on many common sense cuts, and instructed the Senate leaders to keep this thing going, the crisis that is. Why would he do that? Because now the midterms are coming!!! Job growth is stagnant, even though the media loves to bat for Obama and throw out half true numbers to show gains. The big indicator is the unemployment rate which is still hovering around 8%, and if you counted everyone that is out of work, it is closer to 14% unemployment. Yes, another trick used by politicians to hide the real numbers.

Much like saying a spike in the stock market is a great thing when real economists will tell you it’s because the bond market has tanked, and smaller capital investments are too risky as far as investing in start up companies, etc. There are too many variables to mention there, so let’s dive back into the game shall we! The game is simple really. You create a problem, and keep it going, and then make it a crisis. You ensure nothing gets done, then you blame the other side. This should worry most because a simple sit down watching it live on C-Span explains all this, but the big media types seem to leave out most the facts, and trumpet rather, talking points that hold no or half truths. The sequester cuts were an especially devious plan. Congress gave Obama the power to enact those cuts any way he saw fit before they took place. They gave him the ability to cut anything he wanted, and Obama did not do so.

Instead, he let Congress, which he means to steer you to Republicans take the fall, and for some reason all these departments cut public programs rather than the ton of waste that is obvious when looking at reports. Obama wanted to make the most impact out of these, and a department source said he was asked to make sure the cuts would produce a large impact even though other cuts could be made that made very little impact. For instance, the White House tours were cut, yet the SS agents were not let go, they were just reassigned to different tasks. So where was big savings there?

Eric Bolling and Sean Hannity, both working for Fox News, offered to pay the bill for the tours so class rooms full of kids could still go. The White House has not taken them up on that, and you should all ask yourself why that is, and why your media outside Fox News has not jumped all over it. Perhaps it is much like the real story behind the Key Stone Pipeline I will explain perhaps next week.

Eric Isaac

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