Setting the record straight

January 25, 2013

Dear Editor,

It’s time to set the record straight. When you hear feedback that we are the rear end of a donkey. Some say we thrashed the defendant’s house (case of negligence), and somewhere in the legal system they think the defendant is treated unfairly.

Using our case number, we went to court at least nine times. Why: Because the attorney did not draft the order as directed. The defendant petitioned the court, with a complaint that was not the fact and or false accusations against us.

This is not a case of tit for tat, a bad neighbor, or a neighbor dispute, but breaking of the law and violating many court orders. Making false statements on interrogatories, depositions, affidavits, police reports and court transcripts made under oath.

Cutting delimed and defaced our trees removed county road end sign (safety issue), ran a fence about 300 feet through the middle of our property. Cutting down our gate posts, chains, cable and damaged our locks. Unauthorized removal of survey stakes, trespassing, tampering with our property, caught trying to tear down our gate, malicious destruction of our property. Ran ATV’s up and down the easement. The defendants guest brandish a hand gun on me.

Hunting harassment seven out of eight years. Firing his rifle night before opening day. Walking the fence line with a rifle. Sitting behind hunters facing them with a rifle. Opening day driving ATV before sunrise to after daylight. Parking ATV with a white bucket that had a odor. Put up barb wire fence on the property line. Fired 22 during Opening Day.

Note: No action has been taken as to date, Friday November 20, 2009.

Arthur J. Sullivan

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