Setting the record straight

September 20, 2012

Dear Editor,

To the good honest people of Surrey Township (Setting the record straight)

                I rolled into Farwell, Mothers Day 2012 as I work out of state in the gas & oil industry. It’s unfortunate that Farwell folks have to do this, driving big rigs, pipeliners, oil & gas. We do these jobs with pride and dignity as to maintain a stable lifestyle for our families. There not in Farwell, these barely in our county and these fading from our state.

                However, and where ever we are you and I alike struggle with bills (electricity, gas, taxes) Oh-taxes with that in mind I’ll tell you a story.

                On May 21, 2012 I walked into our local Township Hall, happy to be home and see friends and family and really happy to know that my 2012 taxes were being paid. I stood in line as we often have to do, as I was in line I talked to a long time acquaintance, and with casual conversation I learned he was doing business likewise (taxes). Wait. Let’s go back a few lines, did I say taxes, standing in line – hum – This brings me to my point!

                My paperwork (receipt) shows that I was in the Township Hall on 5-21-2012 I go in there to do business (taxes) 2 times a year, winter, summer taxes. I am a bad one for not reading receipt etc, shame on me! Just like at your local food store, you don’t stand there looking at the receipt, at least I don’t, if it sounds a bit much you go over it at the house. However, cashiers are human, we all make mistakes.

                Just like my cashier. I laid 300 dollar bills and one 50 dollar bill in her hand. She returned me $16.93 and a receipt, I folded it up, put it in my pocket with the change and left, happy in knowing I just paid my outlandish taxes for another summer. Two weeks later I returned home again only to discover that my 2012 summer taxes were due “again”.  I immediately went to the Township Hall to address the situation.

                I was told by the cashier that she couldn’t of took my money because the 2012 summer taxes was not out on 5-21-2012 and that I came in for a receipt. She gave me a receipt alright, a 2011 summer tax receipt that showed I was in the Township Hall on 5-21-2012. She says for a receipt it was only 1 ½ to 2 weeks when I confronted the cashier, but she couldn’t remember taking any cash from me.

                I already had a paid in full receipt in my file, why would I need another one. It was for exactly $333.07 in 2011 and I gave the cashier $350.00 on 5-21-2012 and got back $16.93 and a 2011 receipt. Let’s not forget about the gentlemen in front of me paying his 2012 taxes, he must have paid with check or credit card. I am trying to get a hold of this gentlemen for he is a truck driver and is out of state a lot. It’s a sad day when deceit and corruption enters a small town like ours.

                When people who hold high places think that they are above us and the law it’s happened before, and it will keep on happening. That is why I am flexing my freedom to speech rights, and letting you know , the people of Farwell open your ears & eyes to this kind of decay that is around us. Not only in local but country government seats. Go to your Township meetings so you can have a say what goes on in our town. Stand up to these people, don’t let them make our decisions for us and for god sakes don’t let them take our money (together we will stand strong) I compel anyone who has had any situations like this to contact me,  your local prosecuting attorney if that don’t work call our state attorney general, or Congressmen ( God Bless you all)

Freedom Correspondent,

Raymond R. Tigner

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