So much for the truth

Dear Editor,

                My name is Salvatore M. Scozzari Sr. on September 18, 2007 my son William C. Scozzari was shot to death by two police officers, Dwayne Miedzianowski and Jeremy McGraw, from the city of Clare, Michigan. The shooting took place in my son’s residence at the Lone Pine Motel, in Clare, Michigan.

                William was a resident at the Lone Pine Motel and lived there alone. At the time of the killing he was 51 years old. William was blind in one eye and walked with a cane. It was William’s choice to be independent like his siblings, although my wife and I looked in on him often and he was able to help us at our home anytime we needed him.

                When William was killed we were informed that the STATE POLICE were investigating the incident. POLICE INVESTIGATING POLICE has a distinct odor of an open septic tank. So much for objective and neutral investigating. After a hasty and evasive INVESTIGATION, the official ruling was that the Clare Police WERE ACTING IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TERMS OF THEIR EMPLOYMENT. The murder was listed as a justifiable homicide. JUST AS EXPECTED.

                The Scozzari family took exception to that ruling and hired private investigators and medical personnel. The investigation took a considerable amount of time, especially with eye witnesses, a procedure that the STATE POLICE failed to engage in. All witnesses at the time of the shooting were in transit and had to be located at their place of residence, some as far as the state of Oregon.

                Our investigation differed quite extensively from the police report. A copy was given to the County Prosecutor who promptly ignored everything. Our investigation has proven without a doubt, that the murderous police officers are strangers from the truth. The evidence is conclusive, our flag and country has been threatened by a totalitarian group who are determined to destroy our liberties. This travesty of justice must be stopped.

                The following paragraph is taken from court records, eye witness reports and medical records. No one knows what went on prior to the killings. The only statements were made regarding the prelude to the dastardly attack were the words spoken by the Clare Police. Any testimony taken from Clare Police is SUSPECT AND UNRELIABLE. Early on dispositions under oath, officers Dwayne Miedzianowski and Jeremy McGraw perjured themselves. So much for the TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY.

                William entered his residence and closed the door. Officer DWAYNE MIEDZIANOWSKI AND JEREMY MCGRAW then proceeded to kick in the door without a warrant and with guns drawn entered the residence followed by gun shots. William fell to the floor and they dragged him out of his residence and placed him on the side walk. They then reentered his residence and finally came out carrying a hatchet and a knife, they then placed the knife in his dying hand and placed the hatchet alongside his dying body to claim that he was attacking them and they acted in self defense. The officers denied E.M.S. access to him. They then went around the motel complex to gather guests to witness that William had a knife in his hand and a hatchet beside him.

MEDICAL REPORT: William was shot in the back while his hands were raised in the sign of international surrender. Further William’s life could have been saved if he was treated by the E.M.S. The OFFICERS let him lay there and bleed to death, while they covered their tracks. The entire episode taken right from HITLER’S BOOK; NAZI SS TROOPERS.

                When our country was attacked by totalitarian forces the call to arms was answered by thousands of young men, including myself. We placed ourselves in harm’s way to protect our way of life, DEMOCRACY. Once again we are faced with an insidious group who are trampling on our flag. Contact your elected officials and demand that just be upheld.

Remember the words of our pledge of allegiance “WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL”.


Salvatore M. Scozzari