So sorry Spooktacular was cancelled

November 4, 2013

Letter to the Editor:

This letter is offered to the disappointed parents, children, grandparents, and all others who came to attend Spooktacular in Clare on October 26th. On behalf of the many volunteers and supporters of this great annual event, please accept our apologies and an explanation of the circumstances that caused us to cancel last Saturday’s activities.

Set-up for Spooktacular takes about three hours and began long before the 10:00am start time.  While the weather was fairly good at the time the event started, the rains and wind came while we were completing our set-up.   Nearly all of the games and crafts we planned for the children were unfortunately ruined or left unusable due to the weather. And when we checked weather radar, there were strong indications the rains would continue through the planned event start time.  Regrettably we did not have an inclement weather plan, thus we made the difficult decision to cancel the event.

Please be assured we had every intention to hold the event and that the activities and crafts were in place – at least until the rain and wind came.  It was not our intent to disappoint anyone; in fact we were personally disappointed that we had to make the cancellation decision.  Also be assured that we learned from our mistakes in planning this year’s event, and we will take steps to ensure future Spooktacular events include a weather plan.

I would be remiss if I did not extend our appreciation to everyone that helped support this event.  The planning committee especially acknowledges the countless hours our volunteers gave to help organize and set-up the event.  Some of those that helped were Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center at CMU, John Q. Look Masonic Lodge, the McMillan Family, Clare Fire Department, Clare Police Department, Pere Marquette District Library, Jon Ringelberg and Dan Mohr. Thanks to our merchants for their understanding and for fielding questions.

But above all, we appreciate the area parents and children for your understanding.  We wish you a safe and fun-filled Halloween and ask for your continued support for this and all of the City of Clare’s many community events and parks & recreation programs.

I welcome your comments and questions regarding this or any of our other rec programs.

Respectfully yours,

Amanda Theunick

City of Clare Parks & Recreation Director

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