Spreading the word on climate change

May 29, 2015

Dear Editor:
Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending a Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in Cedar Rapids Iowa. The training was three days long and at the end I became a leader in Climate Change. At this training I had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with folks from all around the world. I was blessed to be sitting at a table with five gentlemen all from different countries, Nigeria, Holland, Brazil, Canada, and Pakistan. Together we embarked on a journey of a lifetime.

Over the three days, I was trained by some of the experts on Climate Change, including Al Gore. One main focus at the training was dissecting and understanding the presentation and then taking that and turning it into “our story” in order to grasp our audiences. According to NASA, models show that some areas of the globe will receive more water from the increased amount of moisture held in the atmosphere and some areas will be in severe drought. Forest composition is very dependent on many factors. One of the factors is soil moisture and timing of the precipitation. We have also been seeing the changes in the abundance of pests and diseases that are able to survive. These changes are causing stress on our forests, altering them.

By becoming a leader I am volunteering my time to spread the message of climate change in hopes to get more folks involved and aware of the changes we are seeing. My focus will be on climate change in general but also on forest adaptation. I may work outside every day, with forestry, but I am also an educator for the Conservation Districts and keeping the community informed is a large driving focus for me. If you have any questions about forestry, climate change, or what can YOU do feel free to email me at kylee.berger@macd.org or call the office at (989)539-6401.
Kylee Berger
Clare County
Conservation District forester

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