Still love the printed Review

April 11, 2014

Dear Mike,

Thank you for not planning to do away with the printed word! I really enjoy your column but have no computer – or television, or cell phone…and eventually your printed paper helps start winter fires Thank you to my handy dandy wood stove, my propane “pig” gets filled every two years (whether it needs it or not!) in the summer of course, it helps smother weeds in the garden and the worms eat it up!

Also enjoy Dr. Augenstein’s column – sat in my cedar (Amish) swing a few days ago soaking up Vitamin D. Hellebores are blooming, as are snowdrops. Hyacinth and daffodils are up, lovely green mosses – so soft to walk upon – and never need mowing.

Pat Maurer is also a regular read – noticed in today’s column she has a neat photo of a Common Goldeye – male. Then realized she didn’t know what it is! Once the pond by my house is liquid, they will be here. Along with the Bufflehead, Mallards, Hooded Mergansers, Wood Ducks, and Canada Geese (Canadian implies citizenship) but maybe he carries a green card?

Thanks again,
Susan Race

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