Still wondering?

Still wondering on some of the candidates? Let me
help. You have three solid individuals. Remember the names Wilson, Hovey,
and Ambrozaitis on election time. My fulltime position with the Michigan
National Guard takes me from home sometimes for long periods of time. When I
leave I want to know my family is safe. I get that feeling with Sherriff
Wilson and the Prosecutor Michelle Ambrozaitis. The Sherriff has proven
himself to me and his fellow officers. Ask them. Try the free application to
your cell phone he came up with. It keeps you notified of what’s going on
around you. Watch the news on some of recent events in Clare County in
regards to crime and drugs. Less money to work with more criminals going to
jail, this is a good combination for your tax money. Same thing with the
prosecutor’s office look at the conviction rates for the offenders. Change
as we well know doesn’t bring desired results sometimes the direct opposite.
Last name to remember is Tara Hovey running for Probate Court Judge. If you
haven’t had the experience to meet her let she is a very competent individual
and would do this county a good job. She is from the area and brings a lot of
experience. She has worked with fellow veterans making sure there wills were
in order before they deployed. Need I say more? If I can leave this county
and concentrate on defending our country with these individuals in office and
not have to worry about my family’s safety, I do believe the citizens of the
county can do the same thing.

Chief Warrant Officer Kevin T McDevitt

Michigan National Guard
Lake MI.