Stolen Angel

May 4, 2012

Dear Editor,

To the person who stole the large cement angel off our granddaughter, Torri Shuggs grave at Hillcrest cemetery in Greenwood Township, Harrison, MI…..PLEASE return it!!  -No questions asked-

Torri died December 15, 2010 after a fiercely fought battle with Leukemia.  She had to take a lot of Chemo, which made her terribly sick and all her hair fell out, plus she had sores on her feet.  This made her miss a lot of school, cheerleading, ROTC and other activities of a 14 year old.  Yet, she seldom complained and never wished this on someone else rather than her.

Even though we KNOW that there is only an empty body in the coffin, (Torri is in Heaven with Jesus) her grandpa and I bought two beautiful angels to place on her grave to honor her and say “We love you!”

It tore us up when, about two weeks ago we stopped out there and one of them was missing.

Even though you probably think you got away with this and no one saw you…. you are wrong…GOD DID!! and I feel Torri did and had a tear running down her cheek, to think someone could violate her this way.

Again, PLEASE return it.. and give her back the respect she so deserves.

I pray you do the right thing… either way I will be praying for you; Torri would want me to..

Thank you,

Lanse & Jeanie Sprague

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