Stop calling, go to a board meeting

April 26, 2013

Dear editor,
I wish people would quit asking us why Macy was not just moved to a different class, we do not have the answers for that. We do not need to be reminded about what kind of parents we are or how many years we have volunteered our services to the schools. We fully understand that it is not easy to find parents that have spent as much time with the Harrison school children as we have, and I highly doubt that no other parents of Harrison have taken as many children into their home as we have so they could continue their education and finish school.
My best guess is that the school is more worried about a lawsuit from a union teacher than the interest of a few children. We used to get calls all the time when Jan was asked to put her name on the school board recall ballot, but we haven’t received any calls from anyone from the school system since we pulled Macy from school.
I am past the point of caring, so I would suggest you go to a board meeting or call one of them, maybe you’ll find out more than I did. There are many online courses (1 is state funded)and some don’t have the CORE curriculum the feds pass down, and they seem to be educating her more than she was learning in public school. Please quit calling my relatives to acquire our phone number.
Dale W Ecklin

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