Support for the Brookwood 2.0 project

March 1, 2013

Dear Editor,

Lucky and Blessed that is how I feel.  Add to that honored.  Our community is an example of a town and school district that values and embraces tradition and values.

When I decided that I would leave my previous home of twenty years and move my family of five, I did my homework

  Clare was a location that attracted the Pummell family for many strong and valid reasons. 

Strong academic programs, successful athletic teams and a family friendly town to name a few!

I am happy to share that after living, working and embracing all that this town has to give nearly two years in…, we are gifted with friends and a school and community that far surpasses our hopes and dreams!

I serve on many school and community groups and committees.  From Rotary to the Chamber to the Fair, each and every event and attempt to make something happen is taken on as the most important event in the world!

I respect and love this energetic and committed approach and attitude.

Clare knows how to “get things done!”  In addition, Clare loves and cares about the school and the kids.  We are a proud and impressive community.  I do not want to live and work any place else.  Thanks so much for having me.

I am impressed daily with the quality of our youth!  As I walk around our campus and in our town, students always say “hello” and open doors or ask if any help is needed.

I congratulate families for instilling in our kids these stellar values and habits.  We are growing great people!

For all of the reasons expressed in this letter and many more that I hold in my heart, I am offering my support to the Pioneers are Leaders Committee as they take on the Brookwood 2.0 Project.  It is an awesome project with a BIG goal!

However, if any town can make a dream such as this happen… it is our Clare.

” Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. “

Margaret Mead


Doni Pummell,

Clare Superintendent

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