Survival when the power is out

November 29, 2013

Dear Mike,
I understand your being upset by the lack of electricity due to the recent storm. We too lost our power for three days on the outskirts of Harrison, we lose our power here if there is a storm or anyplace near! I think either an ex politician or an ex mate lives on our line that being said.

I wanted to offer you a little advice on survival 101 we have a Coleman lantern that uses a 2 buck propane tank (they last for three days give or take). We also have a Coleman camping stove that can cook just about anything we got this unit at a yard sale for 5 bucks with a fuel tank on it and haven’t bought any fuel for six years, it not only supplied food and coffee but actually heated the room up. If you have a well pumping your water and a propane hot water heater so much for showers, course the pump needs a generator there goes six hundred bucks. But a small price really, if the power would be gone for weeks, I pay auto insurance can’t remember ever using it but I pay for it. There’s my 2 cents.

P.S. No beef at Burger King that seems almost too ridiculous to believe. They must have a Republican manager at that store.

Jerry Leppek

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