Takes issue with Editor comments on Obamacare

November 8, 2013

Dear Mike,

While everyone has the right to their own opinion and can voice it freely, your rant against Obamacare was filled with outright lies about the prices. I have been on the site myself and there are many plans that include actual doctors visits and preventative care along with prescription coverage for the same $350 you said you were already paying for just hospital coverage.  It is okay to voice your opinion based on ideology and such but if you are going to spread lies about the costs you are doing no one a favor.  Besides, you forgot to mention that most people in Mid Michigan will be eligible for Medicaid expansion or government subsidies that will greatly lower that cost.  Stop being a part of the righwing hyperbole and fear-mongering.  If I want that, I will read your “Letters to the Editor” section.

Jason  Liptow

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