Tax Millage Referendum Votes for 2020

January 13, 2020

Dear Editor:
We are in the new year of 2020 and we taxpayers are facing the prospects of several millage issues on scheduled ballots during this period. This year adds an interesting dimension to  voting date opportunities in that it adds the Presidential Primary in the month of March to tack on millage issue proposals. Clare County has two March 2020 county wide proposals (Mid Michigan College and Clare County Transit) and Gladwin County one county wide proposal (Mid Michigan College).  As a staunch advocate for the protection of “snowbird voter rights” I have witnessed many attempts to limit snowbird voter participation in millage elections over the years and stand fast in my crusade to see that this nefarious action by boards who control public funds and have the right to tax be eliminated completely.

All voter rights, including our snowbird seniors, should be protected to the fullest extent possible.

The national election date in November will draw the largest number of votes in any election this year and, in my opinion, any millage referendum issues this year should have been attached to that ballot. That concept would protect the snowbird voters to the maximum extent possible because they can easily procure and file their absentee ballots prior to departing for the winter season.

When these important tax issues are on any other ballot the snowbirds are at a distinct disadvantage to request and cast an absentee vote on time. The people in charge of taxing and spending the taxpayer funds must ensure that all voter rights, including the snowbirds, are protected  to the fullest extent possible.

Here we go again. Just when I had thought “I had seen it all” in the world of snowbird voter evasion there is a new wrinkle in a March vote.

Allen E. Demarest
A concerned snowbird voter

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