Taxes must be used for intended purpose

August 1, 2014

Dear Editor,

I don’t think most citizens of Michigan, including myself, know what the tax revenues from the tax acts our legislators pass are really funding, and not just funding the purpose the tax act intended. For instance, the fuel tax act is supposed to fund city, county, and state highways, roads and streets and their regular maintenance. So, where is all the fuel tax revenues going? How many of our legislator’s pet projects is the fuel tax revenues and other tax revenues funding? The fuel tax is really titled road tax.

All legal tax acts can only go to benefit all Michigan citizens, and have to be used for the purposes stated in the act. However, if a tax act violates any people’s rights or the federal or state constitutions it is a void act. If the tax act doesn’t meet the taxation standards outline in the U.S. Constitution it is also illegal and void. According to the Michigan Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court, not under any circumstances can tax revenues be used for private purposes, such as grant money to start a business or money purposes, such as grant money to start a business or money to help people buy a home or money to purchase equipment for a business or purchase stock of private corporation.

How many of Michigan’s tax acts are constitutional or illegal acts and void? All people have to do is read the U.S. Constitution and read U.S. Congress’s definition of what is a direct tax and what is an indirect tax, which can be found online under 19 CFR, 351.102 and a copy of the U.S. Constitution can be found online or in your local library. Federal and all state governments must follow those rules because they are the law of the land, (Codes of Federal regulations).

Bob Hamilton

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