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November 1, 2012

Letter to the Editor,
Why is Mitt Romney not telling the truth to the American people? Last month on a campaign stop in Bedford Heights, Ohio at American Spring Wire, he complained that the Obama Administration was not being tough on China. In fact, on 5/27/2009 American Spring Wire lodged a formal complaint with the administration about illegal dumping of subsidized products by China, the complaint was upheld and tariffs were imposed on China meaning the company could stay in business. October 26th at Kinzler Construction Services in Ames, IA, Romney said that no good came from the first stimulus and jobs were not saved. In fact, the company he was campaigning in front of received over 689,000 dollars in stimulus money to do home insulations and other projects. October 25th in Defiance, Ohio, Romney said “I saw a story today that one of the great manufactures in this state, Jeep, now owned by Italians, is thinking of taking all their production to China”. In fact he saw the story on a blog, Jeep has said it is not true, they are adding 1100 jobs at the Grand Cherokee plant in Detroit, about 900 jobs in Warren and investing 529 Million on improvements to the Toledo plant that will lead to about 900 more jobs there. This is because the demand for Jeeps is on the rise in China. Do you also remember Mitt trying to call our President a liar about the terrorist attack during the second debate?
Can we ever get the truth from Mitt Romney or the Republicans? NO. Vote Nov.6th.
Jack Delcomyn
Harrison, Michigan
P.S. Vote the whole ballot, Prepositions and the Michigan Supreme Court. I support Connie Kelly, Bridget Mary McCormack and Shelia Johnson

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