Thanks to Koch for help

Dear Editor:

I would like to express my gratitude to John Koch for helping relieve my sewage backup on Sunday, January 27th.  My landlord and I had been working on the problem to no avail.  The landlord’s last resort was to contact the village DPW in hopes that someone would be available to help resolve the blockage.

My landlord received a call back and John came to the rescue… on a SUNDAY!  I had never experienced a sewage blockage, and never want to again based on the details of what happens.

John was not only very knowledgeable about the whole issue, but went above and beyond in getting the problem solved.  He ruled out any blockages in the main that would be the village’s responsibility. Then provided not just ideas about how to fix the issue, but then offered a specialty tool that he went on to use to move the block that was between the house and the main.

I was so excited to have the use of my plumbing back that I raced outside to thank John, only to find that he had quietly and quickly went on his way.

Heather Waterman