That is not honorable, your honor

Dear Editor,

I was at the October 24th Lake of the Pines Meet the Candidate event with a friend when something quite astonishing happened. I should disclose that while I am an Isabella County resident, I have substantial connections to Clare County so even though I cannot vote here, I want to see the best government for my friends in Clare County.

I first listened to Circuit Judge Roy Mienk tell us how “before he got in office”, restitution money was not being collected properly. And he went on to take credit for collecting some $600,000 that had previously gone uncollected. It was clear that Mr. Mienk wanted us to know how he has gone the extra mile while in office. I have seen him make such claims in the newspapers and at other events. This is a center piece of his campaign.

After he spoke, other candidates for other offices got to speak and the big surprise came when County Clerk Pam Mayfield took the floor. Pam Mayfield has always conducted herself honorably in office so when she told us how the Clerk’s office had been trying to pursue the restitution in the past without Circuit Judge support, I thought she was going to praise Judge Mienk for stepping forward on this issue but that did not occur.

County Clerk Mayfield indicated that once the State mandate came down telling the Judge to collect more, her office finally had the judicial support to do the collections of unpaid restitution. And, it is the Clerk’s office that is doing all the work now that the Judge is following the State mandate.

I was astounded. Mr. Mienk was misrepresenting the facts for his own personal political benefit. He needs to tell people the truth and not play politics like this.

Your Honor, that is not Honorable. You didn’t step forward to fix a restitution problem like you are claiming, Mr. Mienk, you merely complied with what the State mandated you to do.

I wish to commend Lake of the Pines for holding such a fine non-partisan event where issues like this can come to light. It is only through the truth that we can get the right people in office.

Janet Kennedy