The Rise and Fall of the USA

November 25, 2011

When the leaders of the Soviet Union wanted to increase their power, they explained to the masses all of the things that they were entitled to.  That was made clear in the Soviet constitution.  To pay for all of these things, the rate of taxation was increased, not only to 100% of income, but 100% of possessions.

The very wealthy were eliminated.  The people who had created jobs were eliminated.  Everything was under the control of the government.  Within a few years, Russia became one of the poorest nations of the world.  The politicians, to help maintain their power, promised entitlements to everybody.  Nobody had any personal responsibility; everyone turned to government for all of their needs.  Government gave to the people as government saw fit.  Government determined where people should live and provided only government approved food.  Government limited the amount of health care people could have.

Even before our current socialist regime in America , our gutless politicians never met special interest group it was not willing to fund with taxpayers’ money.  Even now, with the economic collapse of a few European countries to learn from, our politicians continue to squander our money, seize our wealth and income to gain for their friends lucrative loans and grants;  at the same time guaranteeing for themselves re-election and lucrative pensions.

Our country will survive if we can stop the entitlement mentality.  We need to explain to people they are not entitled to the benefit of someone else’s labor.  We should restore the system whereby individuals can keep what they have earned and if they don’t work, they shouldn’t eat.

Yours truly,

Floyd Coates

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