There is good in Eric

February 9, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

 I am writing this letter on behalf of my nephew Eric Herron. Eric grew up in his younger days without a father in his life, but he had his loving mother, grandmother, and grandfather that watched over him as he grew.

 As Eric got a little older his mother married a wonderful man that became Eric’s father.  He adopted Eric and things were good.  Eric got good grades in school and was well liked by his teachers and had many friends.

 I have always known Eric to be helpful and very polite.  Eric always went out of his way to help his aging grandparents he was especially close to his grandfather, they would go to church every Sunday, and had a  real bond with each other. When his grandfather passed away it hit Eric very hard. Eric had a hard time dealing with his passing and would sometimes go to his grave and sit there for hours thinking of times past just quiet time to reflect. 

 Life has not always been very kind to Eric, things went down hill for him when his wife left with the kids (that Eric loved and raised as his own). The older three who were not his biological children, and his seven year old biological son.

 I know Eric is a good person who has made some bad choices in his life.  Taking wrong turns making friends with the wrong people in the last few months.

 Eric is smart and I know he is capable of rehabilitation and doing better things in his life if given the chance.  I know in my heart Eric can start over, I believe he needs rehabilitation help not just to be locked away.

 I hope that you will see the good in Eric and not just the bad choices that he has made.

 My prayers go with him.

 Patricia R. Donia

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