Thumbs up to police

March 9, 2018

Letter to the Editor_Wide

Dear Editor:

Last night we had an “incident” at one of our rental properties. Unfortunately it escalated to the point that the police needed to be called. Within 5 minutes, officer Kohloff and officer Randall arrive. I’m standing back watching this situation unfold, wondering does anyone have a gun, thinking to myself this is how people get killed. I’ve never been around this sort of thing.

These two cops get out of their cars and just take over the scene. If you think about it, they get out of their cars not knowing ANYTHING about what’s going on, who is who, is anyone armed, what’s this situation going to become. It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. They took ZERO crap from any of these people, they split everyone up and start doing their thing.

To say the least, it was kind of exciting to watch them work. These two officers just knew what to do. They had a process and followed it well. I knew one person at this house out of the 10 that were there. Once they had everyone identified and made sure the scene was safe (and the one guy arrested) they diffused the situation. Calmly talking to everyone, making people leave, and giving the rest of the group an ultimatum.

These 2 officers were the utmost professional and thorough at their job. It is great to know that our community has people like this working here and that a phone call will bring guys like this to your doorstep. They definitely don’t have an easy job. I can’t thank these two officers enough for their prompt and professional service. Next time you see one of our police officers, say “thank you” for doing their job. It isn’t a job I would want to do. Ten thumbs up to officer Kohloff and Randall.

Jim Paetschow

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