To be free from an out-of-control government

April 19, 2013

Dear Editor:
Don’t you stop and think at times, especially when you’re paying your taxes what it would be like to be free?

Not just freedom of choice, but freedom from a government that seems to be so out of control that it boggles the most simple of minds. It starts to seem that government has its hands in every aspect of your life, and most of the time where they do not belong.

Think about this for a moment. How hard is it to be free? How much better would life be?

Lets take some examples of freedom shall we? Let’s start with liquor, beer, and wine. If a person wishes to make their own at home, the government tells us that is against the law. You can only make a few gallons of distilled alcohol before you are a criminal. If you try to sell some to your buddies, another crime has been committed. If you wish to open a business serving liquor, you must beg for a license to do so. Why do we have to do such a thing as supposed free people? Well, most of us understand the reasoning to be taxes, and that would be correct.

The government does not want you skirting the very many taxes they impose on us. So are you truly free after all? Or are you just allowed to do a few things of your own free will, and most of your life is managed by the government? This is just one small example that came to mind when watching the program Moonshiners.

Here is a crazy idea. How about allowing people to walk the streets with a beer in hand? Why is that so bad? Visit Las Vegas, and think about the sheer amount of people on the strip, and the low incident rate of alcohol related problems directly relating to allowing people to walk down the sidewalk to the next destination with a beer in hand. There may be that 1% that can’t handle it, and do cause issues. So why does the other 99% have to be stripped of the ability to do so most everywhere else in this country? A novel and logical idea would be to punish those who do act poorly such as disorderly conduct. A fine first, then a night in jail the second, and a stamp on the driver’s license, or other form of State ID that does not allow that person to do so. If caught with the stamp, they are given a fine, and jail time. This leaves those who are law abiding and civil the ability to be free, while punishing the small minority that act up.

You may ask me why I use this example. Well, because it is just one of very many issues we face when it comes to individual freedom, and quite frankly, it was the first thing that came to mind through that T.V. program which made me think to write this, and drawing the logical question and conclusion.

There are such a great number infringements on our daily lives from not allowing people now to drink milk straight from the cow, to discussions about taxing people who collect rain water, such was done in Great Britain a short time ago. I’m sure most of you can come up with a good number of issues that follow suit here. This monster has came out of the closet, and all the American people seem to do is hide under the blankets thinking it will go away.

Eric Isaac

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