To concerned taxpayers

March 22, 2013

Brookwood 2.0 is about solutions to problems and presenting options to solve those problems and to give even greater options to the Clare Community and Schools. Our option of an artificial turf field not only solves the current issues with the field, our project also addresses the track and hopefully bleachers but it also allows the Brookwood football field to become a community use field. This can be a complex that can become much more than just a football field but can be used by many sports and athletes.

I can search the internet and find plenty of pro’s and con’s for grass and turf fields. But I have yet to be presented any options by you that work or options to fund any alternative. A new grass field would also be very expensive and wouldn’t address the overuse issues. It wouldn’t allow any more teams or tournaments to use it. It would force the school to have youth football play elsewhere creating the need for another field and I haven’t heard an option to fund that field as well. As I have said before the school has no money to fix, upgrade or change anything about the current field or maintenance plan for the football field so unless something is done with donations by volunteers nothing will or can be done.

I could write a letter a week criticizing any idea or plan especially if I don’t put my name on it. How does that help? We have mailed a flier to every address in the 48617 zip code with contact names, phone numbers and an email address and haven’t been asked to discuss these issues or meet with anyone on options or concerns. We haven’t been asked to talk about how you are going to fund your proposals. We have just been receiving criticism. I don’t know of a plan before Brookwood 2.0’s plan that was going to address the field. Brookwood 2.0 which is made up of all volunteers, members of the community who want more for their kids and the community.

My families kids are all school of choice kids, we chose to send them to Clare. We want the best for them and for our community. If I thought this field wasn’t safe or created dangers or opportunities that weren’t good for them, would I allow them to play on it or working on it? I have kids at every level that would be playing on it, from varsity football, to youth football, Rocket football, Soccer and Band.

If a better solution is presented that addresses all the issues, allows for more use, a plan with a funding solution, a plan with additional funding for maintenance and one that will work I would more than willing to get behind it and get it done. But as of today I have yet to be presented with such a plan that gives Clare all the options and opportunities that this one does.

John Punches

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One Response to To concerned taxpayers

  1. taxpayers Reply

    March 24, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    Mr. Punches,

    Increased playing time trumps safety and costs? Is that what I am reading?
    If you are getting complaints then pay attention. Please do not devalue the concerns of the folks who bring their concerns forward toward this issue. This is our town too.
    This is a public issue. Just because a few corporations want a tax write off, a few coaches want a pretty field and the glory of a big tournament that amounts to a few more games, a few businesses gets a chance to place its name on the score board or wall, is not enough for the rest of us poor saps that could be holding the bag to just sit there and not bring our concerns forward from any media or means.
    Safety, contaminating of a perfectly good piece of earth by replacing it, finding a place to take the old toxic material, who is going to pay for the removal in 10 yrs from now, who is going to buy the new, all the other needs of the complex that should have taken precedents for repair, as well as the potentially large burden that we the citizens could inherit, are our concerns.
    We are for the greater good of all not just a few.
    Why are you an individual making these types of decisions anyway?
    You mention I my and me a lot in your article. Again these decisions will affect the public as the schools agreed to maintain the complex and the people pay the taxes for the schools.
    But to appease here are some solutions to consider.

    MORE USE OF FIELDS? IF (big question) you could get a big tournament what little bit of extra revenue would be gobbled up for the additional cost of disposal of the old, saving for the new, disinfectants and the cost for an additional policy for coverage we would need to protect against future suits.

    OVER USE OF FIELDS? That is why we have Practice fields, to practice on. We just received a grant for more fields.

    FUNDING SOLUTION? Take the funds raised and work to improve the natural field. It is not as costly to maintain but we must adhere to a program.

    FUNDING? Privatize the administrators they are making way too much and have become career positions, pass term limits and allocate those funds towards education and maintaining sports fields.
    There have always been funds allocated towards maintaining the fields. Someone chose to remove those funds. That was irresponsible and is how we got here. But it can be saved in a safe reasonable way.

    OPTIONS: Strapping a potential future financial burden on its taxpayers is not an option. Can you guarantee all costs will be covered by private funds now and in the future?

    Let’s remember we are talking about a K-12, Class C District, in Michigan.
    Our neighbors, whom are a Class A school lacked support for an artificial field that should be telling us something.
    We are truly thrilled there are private donors that are willing to fund and help but where they will help and if the funds will help, are yet to be seen.

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