Turbines will ruin the neighborhood

December 7, 2018

Dear Editor,

It’s a sad day when someone in your neighborhood can create such a block to progress: obliterating hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for farmers, home owners, employees, local businesses, schools, and local governments. Over the 35 year period this amounts to millions of dollars. The loss to the farmers is terribly significant given the weather changes and its effect on crops.

Such has happened with one individual filing a permit for a heliport in her backyard, overlooked for decades until she thought she could ruin dozens of good feelings over a project designed for progress and the health of the planet. Her location is Whiteville and Denver Road and there are already 8 scheduled/proposed turbines in the 8000’ circle around the heliport request. Oklahoma had a similar situation in Stephens County. They called them “shamports”.

There is also a significant radio communication tower on the north side of her property.

Due to serious animosity of the parties supporting her, I cannot print my name here.

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