Unfair, unjust and ludicrous punishment

Dear Editor,

Gentlemen, concerning the legal problem of unemployed gentlemen being charged with a felony. Being unemployed, not being able to pay financial support, to be a child or children’s mother. In support financially for a child or children is simply unfair, unjust and ludicrous. Punishing poor men without just cause or reason whatsoever. Jailing them is simply mean, cruel and unjust and must be rescinded, simply not being a law anymore. Keeping men in utter desperation in fear of losing their very freedom, not having a paying livelihood. A good paying job of any kind it is simply unjust, unfair, cruel and needless punishment. That must be reversed, then taken away, from being law in the state. Mr. Johnson, will you please introduce a bill that does not put these good men in legal jeopardy. Always living in fear of losing their freedom. Being simply for charged with a felony, incarcerated, jailed. Not having, being unable, to secure good employment. That is not their fault. The fact sir being there are not enough jobs in our good state of Michigan, yet. Though I humbly thank you sir, in behalf of all the good gentlemen whom must not be punished by way of the unjust law anymore simply because they cannot find employment to support financially, their children, yet.

Richard Bancroft