Unlawful arrest

September 20, 2012

Dear Editor,

                Concerning unlawful arrest and police brutality, our son was recently taken into custody by two Clare County police officers of whom one of them approached the residents and confronted my son through an open window and told him to come outside. Gave no reason, my son invited him in. The officer pointed a Tazer gun gun at him and said “Get out here or I’m going to f….ing taze you”, mind you, this is all on police video.

                There were children in the house, my son agreed to go out. There was another male in the house that came out before my son did, not involved with anything, that witnessed it. The officer told my son to sit down, he did, then told my son to stand up, he did. The officer questioned and conversed with my son for about 40 minutes. While also contacting different people by phone asking if this or that was illegal in Farwell then finally came up with something he thought he should be arrested for and that he had committed a Bond violation. My son denied the incident.

                The officer took it upon himself to arrest my son with no search warrant and no warrant for arrest and did not read him his Miranda rights. This was all admitted in a court of law by the arresting officer when questioned by my son’s attorney. We were told by my sons attorney the video clearly showed our son being very polite with the officer, allowing him to be searched for weapons etc., until the officer started demanding he put his hands behind his back to cuffed, then he became distraught.

                The officer started telling him to stop resisting all the while, my son saying “I’m not resisting!” The officer then proceeded to taze my son twice. Once in the upper arm and again in the arm pit which I’m told is very dangerous because of a main artery being involved.

                As if that weren’t enough, once they had him in the cell my son was still kind of disoriented and distraught trying to get the officers’ attention which was outside the door, he reached through a cubby hole and touched one of the officers which really set them off.

                Three of them I believe there was, entered the cell, my son was tazed again then put face down on the floor, pressure applied hard enough to have someone come in later and clean blood up off his mattress where he laid afterwards, again all on this video.

                My son requested the videos be viewed by his attorney and by the courts. The attorney requested the video and it was not given to him until the day of the hearing just before court that morning, so the judge agreed to an adjournment so it could be viewed and discussed between my son and his attorney.

                We were at that preliminary exam today. Oh how I wish the media and the public could have been there to hear and see what went on! They’ve been trying to get my son to take a plea that would dismiss one charge which he was illegally arrested for in the first place and keep the more serious charge of touching an officer, they some how call it “assaulting a jail employee”…through that little opening in his cell door. That plea would put him away in a prison for five years. The attorney was pleased with my son’s rejection of the plea, obviously for a number of reasons.

                The prelim before that one the prosecutor claimed that my son was in violation of probation, it was pointed out with proof that he was not on probation. Then the prosecutor in court tired to say that there was a PPO order on him. That was proven lifted back in ‘2010’ by a document mailed from the judge in Colorado but wasn’t cleared off some computer system prior to that, which my son also did jail time for in Clare county jail because they wouldn’t recognize the document in the beginning even though this document was presented to more than one officer. We finally got our hands on it and faxed it into the residing judge and mailed it to my son to present with his attorney in court. And they at that point dismissed the charge of violating a PPO.

                What a MESS! What a ZOO! We are not by all means saying the whole entire law enforcement is bad and out of hand but after researching the cases that involve officer and court officials  that ARE allowing it to happen, something has to be done. We are not putting this out there just for our son’s demise, but for your sons and daughters and any loved one that has or heaven forbid will ever have to go through with what has been allowed for way too long.

                PLEASE take these outcries into consideration when voting for prosecuting attorney this coming election or you or your loved ones may become victim of this incumbent prosecuting attorney. Thank you, deeply concerned parents for justice in Clare County.

Michael G. Young

Sandra K. Young

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