Urges…Pray, pray, pray

April 12, 2018

Dear Editor,

Most people have figured out by now that communism is the British crown and the international bankers, the Bilderburg group.

George Bush senior was knighted, while president in violation of our constitution.

They never gave up after the war of 1812. They hate their own people, because of the Magna Carta.

Our Lady of Prompt Succor, one of her 117 titles, comes from helping Andrew Jackson after he went to a nunnery pleading for prayers. The British had 20,000 troops against 6,000 of ours. The British battle cry was “beauty and booty” rape and pillage. They lost 2,000 troops and quit, we lost 7 wounded and 8 killed.

They still think they own us by the so called divine right of kings. That does not apply to the largest drug dealer in the world, IE the opium wars. They must disarm the honest citizens in the U.S. without alarming the whole populace.

The constitution has become almost worthless, the judges are afraid and going along to get along. Representative George Hanson was tortured in prison for writing the “taxpayers bill of rights”. FDR took our gold, Nixon took our silver.

George Washington said “When the firearms go, it all goes.” www.infowars.com, www.thepowerhour.com, for the secular news, For the messages from heaven, 25 more messages from heaven, divine intervention, www.tldm.org with the remedy, www.anf.org, fights blasphemy and sacrilege. www.fatima.org knows the religious side as well as the secular side and like www.tldm.org the remedy against wars,
Reject it at your peril – Stay in the church and fight, He does not abandon His flock.

The infanticide in the USA must cease.

Jim Monaghan
R-delegate for GOD and Country
Pray, Pray, Pray

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