Vet says Satelite company doesn’t keep word

July 10, 2014

Dear Editor,

DirecTV is a company that tells you one thing or two and doesn’t keep their word. I asked them two things. Number one to send a paper bill, due date 5th of the month and they didn’t as a matter of fact I had called them many times and asked where my bill was then three weeks later no bill so I called them again. Then I got the bill late from them and they charged me a late fee for their mistakes. Then the next month they did the same thing and then a month later they did it again.

I pay all when came to house, they were late because of them, then shut my service off. Then said I broke the contract when they did not do what they said they do. Now they want $800 when they broke the contract, not me I try hard to work with this company. But they won’t work with people who are customers, they are bad to customers. If I knew they were that way I would not have gone with this company for anything. And I think NO ONE should do business with DirecTV.

Timothy Zahn

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