Vote Yes for the Farwell Bond Proposal

October 9, 2019

Dear Editor:
It is time that we continue to make an investment in our local schools and our students. Many children will benefit who are not now of school age as well as our present school population. A safe, pleasant working environment for our students and staff is one of many reasons that a yes vote is important and critical. We know that our community cares about the welfare of our students and would like them to have an excellent education and safe environment.

Look back at your own experience and reflect how your school years helped form the person you are today. I hope that it was an excellent outcome for you. Positive, well-educated citizens are valuable human capital for the community, and that is why we need to invest in them. Capital investment in our schools is investment for the future with a long term payback.

Long term indebtedness is a plan that many of us used to acquire our homes. Our homes were a safe place for our children to live and grow, and we celebrated our family and friends there. Along the way, we upgraded them to accommodate our family. This is what we need to continue to do with our infrastructure as school is our children’s home many hours in a school year. Labor Day I watched some children playing who would start school the next day. Starting school was a big deal for them and their parents. I hoped they would have a wonderful experience and personal growth.

It is always easier to be against something than to be for it. People tend to vote their pocketbook and not their heart. For the average taxpayer this is not an expensive proposal. It’s hard to put a price tag on an excellent educational experience. IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT FINANCES, FOLKS. IT’S ABOUT CHILDREN!

I urge you to vote yes on November 5th.

Larry Laverty

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