Want the scoop? Visit the hair salon

November 8, 2013

Dear Editor,

Funny what you can learn while getting your hair done at the local salon. News travels pretty fast over here in Farwell.

First I will address the 2 year old child living in the Clare Castle SENIOR apartments. That is a 100% FACT. The child lives there with her 40 something mother and her mother’s boyfriend I know this because I know the family!

Everyone knows she lives there and with the blessing of the site manager who told her to stay away for one day every week or two so it doesn’t look like she lives there! This is common knowledge in Farwell and Clare.

That is a SENIOR living center for goodness sake! The building says SENIOR, NOT NURSERY SCHOOL OR FAMILY LIVING!

I have followed this story for months now. I am appalled when I hear about “management snitches” and setting up someone who is trying to do good for seniors.

Sounds like management and upper management are trying to cover up what is REALLY going on there to preserve the “CASTLE” image. Some Castle. I’ll stay right where I am Thank You! The article stated that Weise said “most residents are very happy there. If people weren’t happy here we wouldn’t be full”.

Weise needs a reality check! Hang around the local hair salon, that’s where you will hear the truth.

From what we hear here most people there are UNHAPPY but have no place else to go. Now they’re afraid to complain for fear of ending up like this woman.

What has this world come to when you plot and set out to get rid of someone who is trying to do good for seniors, or anyone for that fact. Getting rid of this woman is NOT going to make the problems go away. Just fix what is wrong with the place!!

Sounds like it’s time for a NEW site manager….just sayin!

GLAD I don’t live there and not afraid to sign my name.

Kathie L.

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