War on drugs is a war on farmers

April 3, 2014

Letter to my Editor,

Now the war on drugs IS THE WAR ON FARMERS targeting its own people.  It looks a lot like entrapment to me.  In 2008 the majority of the people voted to allow medical marijuana. The law was implemented and the suppressed industry exploded.  You know it, I know it and the whole world knows it.  We could not help but to notice the huge demand.  In 2010 the republicans gained control and decided to change the laws.  These changes have now fueled the failing war on drugs!

 Now the cross hairs are on the backs of our local farmers. The farmers were told “it is legal to grow and any overages can go to the dispensaries.”  Now, the republicans shut down the dispensaries leaving the farmers with overages from their harvest, left until the now powers at large can send in the DEA to bust them.  That’s entrapment!

I am outraged to see a local farmer whom I›ve known since high school. A guy who is very friendly,  is just a guy who wants to farm on his own land.  A guy who is helping sick people.  On the front page paraded in front of our community as if he is a common criminal. He is not a murderer.  He is not a rapist.  He is not a meth head. He is a farmer, he is a neighbor that had his harvest stored just like the bails of any other farmer to store.

I wrote the local paper and knew as soon as the powers at large could change the laws so “they” can make money, “It will be okay for the whole world to smoke pot” and low and behold the whole world is smoking pot and it is now ok.

  I just didn’t think they would target its own people.  I figured the pharmaceutical industry would take over the medical portion as they can afford the huge facilities. They can control the entire grow guaranteeing a product free of anything harmful to the patients.  Leaving the small local farmer/grower alone.  Listen carefully to the figures that they are using on our local news please understand the enormous amount of money involved in this industry.  The law was designed for the people and farmers to have control.  In 2010 that all went away.

 We are simply growing a god given plant.  Placed here by god almighty himself.

  8000 years and counting Until the people STAND UP AND SAY ENOUGH!

(Not just the ones who like to or need to, indulge in the herb that heals)

You will continue to see good local people local farmers, receiving fines, jail time and public humility.

This is unacceptable!

The party that you once knew that they were fighting for your conservative values have instead passed laws to further their profits and future contracts instead of serving the people.

 Do not just listen to what is be said.

 LOOK AT THE POLICIES THEY ARE PASSING and how it is affecting your neighbor.

So are you going to do anything?

I’m asking you?

Donna the garden girl

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